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We are professional manufacturer of Aluminum Chlorohydrate:two grade: Daily-chem grade and water treatment grade, two forms:powder(solid) and liquid. ACH production technology can be provided on charge! The Daily-chem grade ACH excellent & most widely used as antiperspirant (reduces secretion of sweat) & deodorant (reduces bad odor by inhibiting bacterial growth) in cosmetic manufacturing;The water treatment grade ACH used as flocculant in drinking water of Water Treatment Plant (WTP) and waste water of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP).

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we can make special specification according to your requirements.
ACH production technology can be provided on charge! We not only sell the product,but also the service.


Our ACH has two unique technology advantages: 

The powder Aluminum Chlorohydrate (ACH):

1.particle size :500 meshes (90% pass ) if need,normally 325 meshes(90% pass);but the best others 325 meshes(70% pass)

2.the iron content:Fe<75PPM if need,normally Fe<100PPM;but the best others Fe>100PPM

The 50% liquid Aluminum Chlorohydrate (ACH):

1.the iron content:Fe<50PPM if need,normally Fe<75ppm

2.the arsenic content: As<1ppm if need,normally As<2ppm

above are very important to Cosmetic manufacturing.


We are the vendor of high-end cosmetics materials all over the world.

In China,only we can produce this kind of daily-chem grade ACH for meeting the clients demand.

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Why Twin??? (You maybe have the answer when reading the following)

. TOP 1 Cosmetic Chemical enterprises in China 
. Over 12 years of experience 
Wholly owned production
. plant (1500 square meters)
. Sales to more than 76 countries 
. High quality ACH with perfect service   
. More better Aluminum Chlorohydrate with competitive prices
. we can make special specification 
according to your requirements
. USP-34 ACH production technology can be provided on charge !

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Twin International Co., Limited is a modern enterprise for production,sale, export and trade of cosmetic chemical.Twin International,manufacturer and exporter for Aluminum Chlorohydrate (Daily-chem grade ACH).

With high quality, reasonable prices and full-heart service, we have exported to 76 countries and districts, such as USA, France, Italy, Korea, Vietnam,Thailand, Sri lanka, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Singapore, Syria,Morocco, Israel, Lebanon, Taiwan and others.Twin will be your great partners in business and life.