50% cosmetic grade liquid Aluminum Chlorohydrate

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ApplicationCosmetic raw materials, used as the ingredient for pharmaceuticals and antiperspirant, and the special cosmetic in diary chemical industry .

ACH production technology can be provided on charge!

Synonyms:Aluminium Hydroxychloride,Aluminum chlorohydroxide,Aluminium Chlorohydrate

CHEMICAL FORMULA:[Al2(OH)nCl6-n.xH2O]m(m≤10, n=1-5)

CAS:12042-91-0     EINECS No.:234-933-1   HS NO.:3824999990

Our liquid ACH has two unique technology advantages:

1.the iron content:
normally Fe<75ppm, our is Fe<50PPM.

2.the appearance:
normally slight hazy liquid, our cosmetic grade ACH is clear liquid.

above are very important to cosmetic manufacturing.



Aluminum Chlorohydrate liquid

cosmetic grade





 Item Specifications  Results 
Appearance  Clear to slight hazy liquid  Clear liquid 
 Alumina(Al2O3)          %  23-24 23.46 
Chlorides(Cl)            %  7.9-8.4   8.14
 Atomic ratio(Al:Cl) 1.90:1~2.10:1  2.00:1 
 Basicity                % >82  84 
 Sulfate  (SO42-)        ppm ≤250   Not detected
 IronFe            ppm  50  39
 Arsenic(As)            ppm 2  2 
 Heavy  metals           % ≤0.001  <0.001 
 Mercury(Hg)           ppm 0.1  0.1 
Specific  Gravity        g/ml  1.330-1.350  1.338 
PH value(30% w/w)       %   3.6-4.4 4.0 
 Conclusion: This product conform   USP-34

Packing: 24.3ton/FCL (IBC drum), 22ton/FCL (200L/drum or 250kg/drum), 25ton/FCL (flexibletank).

Remarks: we may make special specification according to your requirements.

Pls note: this product MOQ is 1ton.

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